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Tinta Tinto is a family winery in Algarrobo, 60km south of Valparaíso. The name is a homage to poets such as Pablo Neruda who lived and took inspiration from this beautiful coast, freshened by the Humboldt current. Husband and wife, Roberto Carrancá and Javiera Fuentes started a small scale, garage winery located at their house in the historic heart of Algarrobo. They work sustainably, aiming to balance inputs and outputs, applying modern oenological knowledge and traditional winemaking techniques, to make what they call ‘negawatt’ or zero energy wines. Grapes are carefully handpicked and destemmed before undergoing semi-carbonic fermentationin800llitrevatsandconcreteeggs.Wines arerackedoff,andagedfortwoyearsinrenovated225litrebarrels,before bottling without fining or filtration.

The whole family is involved, their daughters, family and friends all take part in some way come harvest time, whether picking, tasting, or cooking for the workers. Javiera paints and attaches every label by hand. They currently make three wines with grapes sourced from two growers in the Casablanca Valley and Puente Alto in the upper Maipo Valley, but will soon start using their own grapes from two hectares planted last year, a few kilometres from the sea. They hope this wild spot with unique terroir, good sun exposure and cooled by the Pacific breezes will become known as DO Algarrobo in the future.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from Puente Alto, the Syrah and a Pinot Noir from Casablanca Valley. The wines show rich fruit flavours and balanced acidity, a softness and elegance.