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Skin Contact white grape blend: Fiano, Zibbibo, Moscato Giallo, Gewurtztraminer, Greco – Riverland & Clare Valley. This has become one of our most cult-followed wines since we began. It’s not exactly white wine, nor red – many call it Orange or Amber wine…but we just call it Esoterico. No fining or filtration.

A gem of orange wine made with Fiano, Zibbibo, Moscato Giallo, Gewurtztraminer & Greco with grapes coming from Riverland & Clare Valley. This has become one of the wineries most cult-followed wines since they began making it. It is easy to see why as it remains elegant & fresh while evoking memories of mango & tropical fruit all finishing up with a juicy pithy tannin. Expect flavours of herbal beeswax combined with pineapple, dried mango & blood orange. A crowd friendly but complex orange wine. 

12.5% / 75cl