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Pulp slips in to our range right at the top. We settled on an ABV of 8% which offers enough sweetness to be fulfilling but not distracting and a gentle alcohol chest warmth, yet low enough so you can have a few cans of it and still get up the stairs to bed!

This iteration of Pulp showcases Citra, Cascade and Columbus hops in a ratio heavily weighted towards Citra. Think pulped peppery mango flesh drenched in candied grapefruit juice with a hint of dank. There’s a suitable bitter finish for the style that works with the dry finish to encourage another sip. As with all the other beers in our core range (Light Bulb, Headband, Bloom) we wanted to explore the brewing techniques of both the West and East coasts of America.

The yeast and dry finish is straight up Californian, the body, murk and mouthfeel is all New England. As we continue to brew Pulp we may change up the hops used, try different pairings, go more tropical for example or perhaps a version that’s all pine needles and spruce. The yeast and grist will remain constant, as will the water profile and look of the beer.

8% / 440ml