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The chaps at Woven have blended a whisky using the mineral notes of Chablis and toasty notes of new world Chardonnay wines as influence. Essentially they’ve created a light, lean and vibrant new blended whisky that’s perfect for gifting and sips well. 

Suited to those who favour an aperitif style dram.

Woven is a new Scotch whisky company from a group of drinks industry friends, they have a wealth of combined experience and have set up their blending studio in Leith’s Buscuit Factory. From there they release these pretty expressions of blended whisky for folk looking to explore something a little different. With their eye catching packaging and neat 50cl bottles they make for perfect gifts to the whisky enthusiast in your life, or a little treat for a unique and original dram.

45.3% / 50cl