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With its vibrant raspberry colour, low-alcohol content, and perfectly pitched sweet and sour balance, Cerdon is a gorgeous, intensely refreshing drink. A unique and authentic taste in the complex world of wine. Best drunk around 6-8°C it’s perfect for contemplation, as an aperitif or alongside some creative food pairings. A sommelier favorite for its versatility, it’s an obvious choice for fruit-based desserts, it also works wonders with all things rhubarb, fragrant asian cuisine, and even foie gras.

This cuvée is a blend of 2022 and 2023. The grapes are harvested by hand and vinified by méthode ancestrale using low levels of SO2 – 16 mg/l total. Second fermentation lasts four months at 10°C for a slow ‘prise de mousse’. The nose is bright and perfumed. The palate is fresh, precise and full of crunch, with cherry, raspberry, and violets underpinned by fine bubbles. A beautiful play between sugar and acids that keeps you going back for more until the bottle has suddenly disappeared!