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The nose is a complex bouquet of fresh, summery, floral notes, paired with a thicker almost tannic, vanilla aroma – all suggestive of the powerful dram that awaits to be savoured. The palate delivers waves of fresh fruit, dried pineapple, wood spice, barley sugars and beeswax shoe polish. Incredibly expressive for a younger dram at 46%, Dailuaine is often overlooked for its more famous cousin Mortlach, but it has a similarly chunky texture which shows wonderfully in this dram.

Dailuaine Distillery began production in 1852.
In 1889, it became the first to have a pagoda
roof fitted to its malting kiln. This revolutionary design vastly assisted the drying of barley and has become an iconic part of the distillery’s character.

“Texture is often overlooked as a key component of what makes a dram great, but I think consciously, or otherwise, most people do gravitate towards full bodied drams – and this Dailuaineisaprimeexample. Ithinkthe46% bottling strength works really nicely here too, brings out the oily mouth feel a little more.” Jonny McMillan BBR

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46% / 70cl