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This understated Lowlander is the perfect balance of distillate and wood throughout. The nose gives soft shortbread and crème brûlée paired with fresh green fruit, apples, pear drops and marzipan. The palate follows this theme, with the vanilla flavours from the cask pairing perfectly with ripe distillate fruitiness. There’s an unexpected burst of mango and lime zest toward the back palate which lingers onto the finish. Often overlooked in favour of the bigger, bolder Highland whiskies, this is the perfect dram for a summer’s day – ideal to savour alongside a good book in the garden.

Auchentoshan is located at Dalmuir to the west of Glasgow, a short distance from the river Clyde. The distillery produces a triple-distilled whisky which, although quite light in style, is highly regarded for its very smooth character.

“An archetypal triple distilled whisky, very light distillate notes showing green fruits with a touch of grassiness, but the main character is from the sweet ex-bourbon wood giving vanilla, caramel and coconut notes. A lighter whisky to be enjoyed before dinner I’d suggest.” Jonny McMillan BBR

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57.5% / 70cl