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Diggers Fine Cider is the brainchild of Digby Legge. Based on a smallholding in Perthshire, and working closely with the folks at the nearby Guardswell farm, Digby has been making cider for a couple of years as a hobby, but in 2020 produced enough to sell commercially by bringing in hand-picked apples from across Perthshire.

This initial bottling – pet nat 2020 – is a blend of eating and cooking apples, fermented in ex-sherry casks and stainless steel. The result is superbly balanced. Reminiscent of Northern French ciders it’s light and wonderfully fresh, with green apple and elderflower on the nose, opening out beautifully as it warms, with the tinniest smidge of tannin to hold everything together. The pet-nat conditioning is absolutely perfect, not to mention the branding is absolutely beautiful.

It is a hugely accomplished first bottling and another signal that the Scottish cider scene is really beginning to find its feet.