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Frédéric Giachino has been producing wine in his domain for more than 20 years, utilising organic techniques for half of that time. Located in the Chartreuse Hills, the vines of Giachino grow along the limestone slopes of Mount Granier.


They are made only with local grapes, including Persan and Douce Noire, which were reintroduced by Frédéric. Other varieties include Jacquère, which is grown on six of the nine hectares of land, as well as Altesse, Gamay and Mondeuse.


The care and attention given to the land, the grapes and the wines themselves can be tasted in every glass.


Persan is a native variety to Savoie & it almost disappeared as a variety after over planting of Gamay & Pinot Noir in the 1980’s.

This 2013 still has lots of life in it with beautiful fruit flavour, tannin structure & acisity keeping it fresh. A special bottle.



2013 vintage.

750ml / 12%