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Fanny doesn’t produce this superb alternative to Chardonnay every year, only when the fruit is in great condition.

Aligote is noticeably crisper than Chardonnay, it has a beautiful minerality & searing acidity for this style of White Burgundy alternative.

Fanny Sabre shows a fine touch with her Aligote. Aligote is the white wine that the locals drink in Burgundy. It is gradually emerging as an interesting wine in its own right rather than playing second fiddle to Chardonnay as more talented winemakers such as Fanny show what can be achieved with this grape.

This bottle is at a very lunchtime friendly 12% alcohol & has had extended lees aging to give roundness & texture along with the ripe fruit acidity & mineral flavour.


Organic farming

Natural winemaking

750ml / 12%