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Elegant, bright red berried red with smokey farmyard notes. Think rustic Pinot Noir-esc. From Alain Carrère and Tom Lubbe.

After having spent years of selling to large French supermarkets, and realizing the unsustainable relationship and dependence that resulted in losing money and the power to create wines as they think best reflects their estate, Alain reached out to a young, back then fairly unknown grower that has seen made waves by practicing organic viticulture, Tom Lubbe. After tasting the wines, Tom told Alain he would start helping them rebuild the estate from the ground up. The two agreed on a partnership, and with Tom’s guidance, they immediately started converting all 30 hectares to organic viticulture, as well as eliminating all commercial yeasts, additives and excessive sulfur in the cellar.

Tom also showed Alain the importance of highlighting different terroirs, a lesson that has produced great results. Each vintage, the Majas collection represents truly authentic, naturally made wines of the Côtes Catalan. Above all, the wines and the philosophy of the estate proves that making natural wine is not just an exercise of small-batch, one man operation, single hectare projects but can become a philosophy regardless of size or history.

Every year the wines represent incredibly delicious and real ‘vin de table’ wines punching way above their weight and price-point.