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El Risco is a blend of Syrah with a dash of Garnacha and Bobal from old high altitude vineyards with rocky clay limestone soils. Winemaking was very simple, a small proportion of whole bunches undergo a seven day maceration, the resulting wine was aged for a few months in tank before being bottled without any fining and a light filtration. 

The region of Calatayud around 250km northeast of Madrid, was a major viticultural hub at the beginning of the 20th century with over 40,000 ha of vineyards. Today only 3,000 ha remain, and farmers continue to abandon the land in what is considered an empoverished region. What is left however is a treasure chest of old vineyards, it’s not uncommon to find 80+ year old vines, which are able to withstand the warm and dry climate as well as its infamous strong northerly wine: El Cierzo. 

When we tried this as a team we loved it! 

A surprisingly light red packed full of flavour & with excellent length. This has fleshy tannins slightly drying like cranberry juice. The palate was wonderfully complex with fruit & herbal notes… fig, pomegranate, plum, blackberry, chamomomile & tobacco leaf.