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Scottish stock pale ale brewed with Scotch Annat and hopped with whole flower Ernest and Hüll Melon. This beer also uses a very rare, Scottish landrace that Burns himself probably tasted, Scotch Annat. It has a deep, bready character and is perfect with two of my favourite hops, Ernest and Hüll Melon. Both varieties have a distinctive, modern fruitiness but also the refined and restrained complexity you get from Kentish and Southern German hops.

It’s highly aromatic with apricot jam, honeydew, black pepper, Gewürztraminer notes and noble hop aromas. The palate has bready malt, ripe fruit, lots of bitterness and subtle acidity. Its an invigorating and refreshing beverage. I’ll be having this with my Burn’s Night smoked-salmon-based starter with watercress. Bitter hops and bitter green leaves lift the rich fish and the fruit aromas of the beer offer pleasing contrast.

7.2% / 750ml