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It’s unusual to find Chenin Blanc in Spain and this is no ordinary wine – mellow with fleshy citrus and a touch of caramel, perfumed but also earthy, long and complex. Don’t mind the sediment – decant carefully and savour!

The style of the wines of Escoda- Sanahuja are very pure, so it wasn’t a surprise that Joan is a committed to biodynamic farming. His winery started in 1997, in Conca de Barberà a DO which is rarely seen on bottles, and has grown from his dream to create naturals wines utilising biodynamic agriculture. He “respects the fruit to the maximum”, his vines grow next to olives and almonds, and also keeps cows, horses, chickens and other assorted poultry, enabling him to meet his compost needs ‘in-house’.

Vegetation is left between the rows to encourage biodiversity, and maintain soil moisture in this dry climate. In the winery he uses native yeasts, no fining nor filtration. And since 2007 they have stopped using sulphites. These are highly individual wines reflecting their origins and their innovative winemaker.

Biodynamic farming

Natural Wine