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Feragaia was founded in 2019 by Jamie Wild & Bill Garnock with a vision to challenge the apologetic nature of alcohol-free drinks, with a truly confident alcohol-free spirit that isn’t trying to mimic anything and stands as a drink in it’s own right.

Saline, floral, warming and toasty: all notes that appear in this serious Alcohol free spirit. mix 50ml with your favourite tonic and a wee wedge of lemon for a booze free but fully flavoured, refreshing treat.

As part of their three-year evolution Feragaia have recently opened their very own distillery, the first working alcohol-free distillery in Scotland, and are relaunching with a refreshed brand and bottle, as well as extending their offering by stepping into the ready to drink market with pre-mixed cans, allowing Feragaia to be able to meet even more drinking moments.

Ingredients include: Botanical Distillates, Water, Vegetable Glycerine (rapeseed), Flavour Extracts: Cayenne Pepper, Blackcurrant leaf, Kaffir Lime, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Ancho Chile, Bay Leaf, Apple, Hibiscus.

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