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PULP is our maceration and amphora focused cuvee. After pressing the Cox and Gloster apples, we do a 3 week long skin maceration during fermentation. While still fermenting, we separate the juice from the pulp, and press it again to extract as much tannins, complexity and structure as possible. We divide the juice into different batches, and fermented most of the juice in our in-house amphora: A clay fermentation vessel, used for traditional Georgian wine making.

PULP is rich and big, and almost more reminiscent of an orange wine, rather than a cider. The long maceration and storage in amphora provides lots of tannin structure and the right amount of volatile acidity to make it balanced. The long maceration also keeps a lot of sediment in the cuvee making the cider really creamy and adds lots of structure and body. Pulp is 100% apples (Cox Orange & Gloster) and the fruit is grown and picked from our own orchard, Haväng, right by the Baltic Sea on the east coast of Skåne.