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A deliberately ‘pretty’ Sauvignon Blanc with compelling freshness and verve.
We sourced grapes from areas of the Western Cape, specially cooled by both onshore winds and high altitude, to preserve brightness and aromatic purity. The result is an elegant wine that wonderfully reflects both the scale and splendour that makes South Africa, one of the world’s most beautiful countries, so unique. A country that has proudly been producing wine since the 17th century; a country where we now see the quality of the best wines equal the most revered names of Italy, France, and Spain. Giant’s Castle, one of South Africa’s most striking natural features, seemed the most suitable name for this vivid and invigorating wine.

Fresh and generously fruity, with wonderfully aromatic notes of guava, passionfruit, kiwi, and an underlying scent of green. This wine is elegant, has balanced acidity and a long, persistent finish. It is superb paired with summer salads, seafood, or vegetable dishes.

12.5% / 750ml