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Heinrich Graue Freyheit is an orange wine made up of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, deeply rooted in crystalline schist and quartzite schist soils, Pinot Gris thrives beautifully on the Joiser Hackelsberg, a northwest-oriented slope (facing away from Lake Neusiedl). The perfect complement is provided by Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay from the calcareous and schistose eastern slopes of the Leitha Range – primarily from the top sites Breitenbrunner Edelgraben and Windener Alter Berg.

Attentive observation of nature, biodynamic cultivation, unbridled biodiversity above and below the earth’s surface: Gernot and Heike Heinrich’s idea of terroir wines is based on a deep understanding of the diverse living environments within their vineyards. The aim is to create a natural balance in which vines, people, plants and animals act in symbiosis and form the decisive elements of a whole. The natural prerequisites are cool steep limestone slopes on the Leithaberg, a modulated topography with a warmer climate near the winery in Gols, and a handful of autochthonous grape varieties led by Blaufränkisch. Undogmatic, handcrafted vinification gives the wines the freedom to speak of their origins in an unadulterated and clear voice. They lay the foundation for continuous evolution.

Biodynamic Farming

Natural Winemaking

11% / 75cl