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Pinot Noir on limestone and slate, a combination that you not only find in Burgenland or in Burgundy. Heinrich works according to strict biodynamic guidelines and with careful manual labor. The grapes of Pinot Freyheit are gently pressed after two weeks of maceration and aged for 21 months in used 500L barrels. Crisp acidity, both animating and directional, finely integrated tannins that are delicately interwoven with the fruit. Playful, lightly dancing yet infinitely elegant: a pure and soft natural Pinot Noir.

Heike and Gernot Heinrich have become synonymous with natural wine in the Burgenland and take a supposedly casual approach to current trends, never losing touch with the essentials: authenticity and origin.

Biodynamic Farming

Natural Winemaking

12% / 75cl