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It’s fascinating to follow the escapades of our local Holyrood Distillery. They’ve been busy experimenting with different malts and yeasts to create a base for their maturing whiskies.

Here we have a chocolate malt distilled new make spirit. Add a few drops of water to explore the deep, dark and bitter chocolatey notes alongside some dessert or rich hard cheeses. It also stirs down nicely into some tasty wintery cocktails. Imagine many of the flavours of a stout but in a clear spirit form.

This is the third release of their Brewer’s series and it’s their second iteration that uses a specialty malt to explore how they affect the spirit’s flavour. NMS03 utilises Chocolate Malt, which is a heavily toasted malt, adding dark, cocoa rich chocolate, flavours to this New Make. For the same reason, Chocolate Malt is traditionally used for the Brewing of dark beers, porters and stouts.

Distinct, nutty and rich, with coffee and rich cocoa. A big hit of bitter coffee and rich dark chocolate follows on to savoury notes with rich malt and salt. The finish is short with a subtle bitterness.

60% / 50cl