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A wonderful blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, with just a dash of Pinot Noir here. It’s a fresh, floral style with plenty of verve – look for fresh strawberry and rhubarb, along with grapefruit and lemon peel. The palate shows some honey and toasted bread, plus some delicate floral notes. Very refined and elegant.

Périne Baillette, daughter of founder Pierre Baillette, is now the owner of this family-run Champagne house in the small village of Trois-Puits. She lives and breathes wine – no surprise really, being brought up in such an esteemed, wine-focussed part of the world. She is married to another gun Champagne maker, in Alexandre Chartogne, who also happens to make wonderful wines. With these influences, it was almost destiny for Périne to become a great maker herself! Since 2010, no pesticide have been used on the Baillette vines. She also tries to use the far machinery as little as possible, instead using giant draft horses (hers are named Tarzan and Saumur!) to till the land. Sensitive in the cellar as well as the vineyard, the wines are left to ferment naturally and then go to bottle without too much messing around. The results are superb – creamy, complex wines that show off numerous fruit flavours.

12% / 75cl