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Piri’s Pet-Nat comes in refreshing like a summer breeze, packed with pears, peaches and loads of citrus guided by delicate floral notes. Round and gentle on the palate with an elegant mousse. Made from 100% Scheurebe, bottled with before fermentation is finished to create the pet nat bubbles and is left undisgorged.

The Pieroth family have been cultivating vineyards in Nahe since 1781. Now it’s Christine’s turn to bring fresh air into the deep roots and old barrels!

Nahe lies between Rheinhessen and the Mosel, somehow it appears like the middle way between the other two wine regions in looks and terrain. The soil is incredibly dry and warm. As Piri explains, this is one of the hottest and driest regions in Germany. “We are shielded by the Hunsrück hills that offer protection from rain and frost in early spring.”

The soil complexity in the Nahe is second to none in Germany. Volcanic, clay, limestone and some slate poking through it all. “You can feel it, you can taste it in the wine, this mix is a gift from mother nature. I am so blessed with it.”  – she says.

The rows are beautiful with a myriad of various flowers and plants in between. Bees, bumble bees, butterflies and other small creatures buzz around our noses. Biodiversity is key for Christine. She’s looking deeper and deeper into biodynamic farming. Nettles, chamomile and other herbs are planted in her garden, out of which she makes the remedies for the vines. The local flora is also reflected on the labels of her bottles. Every label shows a leaf from one of the locally growing trees around the vineyards, handpicked and handprinted onto fabric before being digitised to make the labels.

The wines are pure and precise like a breath of fresh air. All of them as nature intended them to be. Unfiltered, unfined and no sulfur or very very low amounts of it. Wild yeasts, german oak barrels and no temperature control are the secret, not so secret, ingredients for Piri’s addictive juices.

Unfined, unfiltered with no SO2 added.

Natural winemaking. Vegan friendly.

11% / 75cl