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We cast the net to our brewers on our Pollys work group chat – youre only allowed to brew with three hops again for the rest of your life; what are you choosing? Once we got past the usual jokey replies (Pollys English-hopped IPA anyone?), there seemed to be a common thread throughout; Simcoe kept rearing its head for its versatility, Galaxy as a little bit of luxury, and Idaho 7 as a powerful, pungent aroma hop. We decided to bring this all together and actually put the theory into practice with a souped up, maxed out pale ale. Artwork Below – named for an ism that our sales team are famous for dropping into their weekly emails – brings a gentle whirlpool addition of Simcoe imparting a whisper of bitterness together with one of our infamous pyramid dry-hop charges. Featuring a large cold side addition of even more Simcoe, before smaller additions of Galaxy and Idaho 7 join the party to bring all manner of peach, mango and passionfruit flavours to this incredible pale ale.

5.8% / 440ml