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Whilst we’re very much a forward-facing brewery when it comes to modern styles, we want to be the absolute best brewery we possibly can be, and to achieve that we need to be able to be more than just a one trick pony with our brewing. A heavy feature of our formative drinking years was the excitement of discovering different styles and flavours from the flag-bearing forefathers of the OG craft beer scene of the United States; the giddiness when we found a robust porter or a bready malt-driven altbier is difficult to describe – you just had to  be THERE when it was happening. Wanting to pay homage to those starry eyed, bushy tailed youngsters, we’ve set our sights on the humble California Common – for many of us here at the brewery the style that caused the flip into the slippery slope of craft beer, All Good takes a trip along the Pacific Highway with the top down – a spritzy copper coloured beer perfect for supping in the sun, with light but noticeable hop character thanks to our heavy addition of Centennial with a whisper of El Dorado on the cold side with oily hoppy bitterness thanks to our use of Centennial in the whirlpool.

5.8% / 440ml