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Sometimes you’ve just got to create a beer that pays homage to your brewing heroes. We’ll fully admit that we’re complete and unashamed fanboys of the kings of the straight up, no fuss pale ale; The Kernel. Wanting to draw on what we feel is their best quality – bringing in and drawing the absolute best flavour compounds out of a combination of old and new school hops – we’ve created Club Millennial. Utilising a trio of Polly’s favourites in Centennial, Citra, and Galaxy, we find the aggressiveness of these varietals are best served in something a bit more sessionable and smashable. Centennial takes the lead in this beer, with a hefty whirlpool addition bringing the bitterness to the party, before an additional addition in the dry hop, paired with a generous addition of Galaxy and Citra bring the fruit forward flavour notes to this incredible pale ale.

5.3% / 440ml