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This is the quintessential expression of cider as we love it and know it. The most pure definition of what cidermaking means.

Bone dry, conditioned in the bottle, fermented in an oak cask and aged, patiently and quietly, until perfect.

This cider represents a project of passion to present the highest quality cider in a form it deserves. The utmost care has gone into creating a cider representative of the orchards and of the skill of The Ross Cider Company as cider makers.

It is created solely from Dabinett & Bisquet apples grown in their own orchards, fermented in oak barrels using the wild yeast from the farm, and matured for two years until the tannins reached their peak complexity.

The presentation of the bottle is intended to set a new standard for premium, high quality cider with a label detailing the method and ingredients used (99.5% juice, 0.5% sugar, trace sulphites) and a map of the farm as the artwork to highlight the orchard-based nature of this natural cider, a term chosen to separate our cider from ciders produced using artificial methods.


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