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Roulot’s 2020 Bourgogne Blanc is a very pretty wine with a gorgeous center of stony minerality driving the citrus-tinged flavors. You will find a serious Bourgogne Blanc with real intensity and tons of character. The Domaine bottling is blended from the oldest vines in Roulot’s 4.5 hectares of Bourgogne Blanc vineyards.

The Domaine Roulot, originally founded in 1830 by Guillaume Roulot, has enjoyed much fame along the years but its international reputation started during the 1950s, when another member of the family, Guy Roulot (Jean-Marc’s father), progressively turned this 12 hectares vineyard of the Cote de Beaune into one of Meursault’s crown jewels. His son Jean-Marc continues the legacy since 1989, seven years after Guy’s passing.

Professional actor since 1983, with more than 50 movies under his belt, Jean-Marc Roulot was not initially destined to follow in his father’s footsteps but, as it turned out, he has become quite the winemaker himself. Since his very first day in this new career, he decided to switch the entire estate to organic viticulture, banning pesticides and choosing to plow by hand only (he received the Demeter label in 2010).

Jean-Marc Roulot is now seen as one of the masters of winemaking in Burgundy. With a minutiae that borders on obsession, he manages to transcend Chardonay and turn it into pure and dynamic wines, whose freshness cannot be matched. For him, grapes need to be picked at just the right time: not too early, not too late. Beyond the terroir, he is looking to hone his personal style, to “put tension back inside the wine bottle”.

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