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Hand harvested Sicilian Frappato, destemmingcrushing and fermentation by indigenous yeast. Pressing and end of Primary (alcoholic) fermentation always in the tank. Spontaneous Secondary (Malolactic) fermentation and subsequent decanting to remove gross lees. Bottling in the spring following the harvest

A collaboration between two friends, Illustrator Gaurab Thakali, and Winemaker Turi Marino who work alongside one another to produce these new Sicilian wines. A triptych of wines, with labels to match. Taken from a representation of Mount Etna’s eruption, split across three wines all grown on Sicilian soil. Gaurab Thakali is a south-east London based illustrator. His vibrant and energetic work utilises a range of mediums, from screen-printing to painting and digital illustration. In recent years his work has been seen on pages of The New Yorker and New York Times, with commissions from Adidas, Carharrt, Converse, and Boiler Room adding to his already wide list of clients.

Turi Marino is a Pachino, Sicily-based winemaker with a traditional touch. Focusing largely on local varieties, with a commitment to the region’s soil and the balance of nature. From five generations of winemaker, Turi has always known the phrase “wine is made in the vineyard” and this is an ethos he carries with him to this day. His vines are planted as freestanding bushes and are only cared for and cultivated using the most natural methods. Salvatore adopts a non-interventionist approach in the cellar, crafting artisanal wines with plenty of character.

Biodynamic farming.

Inzolia & Moscato Bianco varieties.

Vegan friendly.