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The ‘young wine’ of the domaine, Roc is fermented and raised entirely in stainless steel. Bright and almost spritzy grenache with lots of red berry and blackcurrant fruit on a dusty lifted palate.

In 2001 Olivier and Emmanuelle decided to purchase their very own vineyard in the Roussillon region of France, in the heart of the Agly Valley, South of France. Their vineyard spreads across 6 hectares. The isolated location of the vines between forest and steep rocky hills allows them to work in partnership with the surrounding countryside. Each plot is fenced to protect their crops from wild boar and deer. Year after year, flora and fauna is increasing in biodiversity. They do not use chemical fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides or any other synthetic molecule. Weeding is done manually, the pruning is adapted to each individual vine and they plough only once a year, in winter.

The main focus is to help the vines find their own balance between what they produce and the ground supporting them. They only harvest in the cool of the morning in small crates. The grapes are hand-picked when they reach their utmost gustatory and phenolic maturity. They then sort them in the vineyard before taking them to the cellar to stay at a low temperatures overnight. Olivier had previously studied oenology and owned a wine shop while Emmanuelle worked as a biologist, but ultimately their dream of making their own wine prevailed and they began searching throughout France for desirable vineyards to purchase. They fell in love with the wild, rugged landscape of the Agly Valley, and in 2001 Domaine Vinci was born. Olivier and Emmanuelle now organically farm six hectares of vineyards, with parcels so isolated that they need not worry about chemical products from neighbours’ vineyards contaminating the rocky soils their vines call home. These stunning sites, nestled at high altitudes amid scraggly garrigue and perilous outcrops, are planted with very old vines that give absurdly low yields, often below 15 hl/ha.

Due to many of the parcels’ remote locations and steep grades, everything is worked by hand, including Domaine Vinci’s very own selection massale nursery that allows them to replant vines one at a time when necessary. As a result, each vineyard represents a stable, balanced ecosystem in which the native Macabeu and Carignan Blanc, along with Grenache Blanc, Carignan, Mourvèdre, and Grenache Noir, are able to thrive and express the rustic wonder of this unique terroir.

Biodynamic farming.

Vegan friendly.