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Fresh on the nose, displaying an array of citrus fruit and red berry scents with a hint of succulent herbs.

Shows good depth and energy on the palate, offering juicy tangerine and raspberry flavors with lingering red fruit at the finish.

Les Fouques is truly a special place, and the wines, far from the normal commercial productions of Provence, are a complex and beautiful reflection of their origins.

Located in a beautiful hidden valley a few miles north of the Mediterranean, the Vallons des Borels, the estate’s vines are on hillsides below wild-boar infested forests – a diverse and wild environment.

The vineyard shares the farm with pens of biodynamic birds – ducks, geese and guinea hens that fertilize the vines with a little help from a flock of sheep.

The estate has been organic and Biodynamic since 1991, shortly after Yves and his wife moved to les Fouques from their organic farm near Brignoles. Yves is now joined by his daughter Christelle and son-in- law Jacques Rapée who brings his nearby parcels, also in biodynamic farming, as well as his great energy and enthusiasm, to the estate.

The vineyard, cultivated in terraces, gains its mineral resources from an ancient terroir, an acidic soil of clay and schiste. Organic compost is applied, made and fermented at the estate and enriched by plant-based biodynamic preparations. Biodynamic agriculture, practiced at the domaine since 1991, is a search (difficult, but very motivating) for harmony between plants, animals and man. It respects the cycles of nature (solar and lunar rhythms) and by an equilibrium between animal and plant productions it creates a durable fertility of soils without the addition of fertilizers or chemical products. The fruits of the earth and the wine are thus able to fully express the potential of the terroir.

31% Cinsault, 50% Grenache, 11% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Rolle

Biodynamic farming.

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

75cl / 13%