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From 100 year old vines in the Valle de la Orotava, on the northern side of the island. The combination of altitude, climate and volcanic soils create a wine with extraordinary character and texture; this is what winemaker Roberto refers to as a ‘vertical wine’. Saline, citrus, herbal, mineral… a wine that demands an unending list of adjectives.

Envínate (aka wine-yourself) is the brainchild of Laura Ramos, Jose Martínez, Roberto Santana and Alfonso Torrente, four friends who met while studying oenology at the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante. They focus on exploring the ancient, Atlantic-influenced terruños of Ribeira Sacra, The Canary Islands and Almansa. Their philosophy is simple: let each parcel fully express itself through traditional farming and wine-making methods. Right now there are four different projects under the Envínate umbrella: Lousas overseen by Alfonso Torrente in Ribeira Sacra, Táganan and Benje by Roberto Santana in Tenerife, and Albahra in Almansa by Laura Ramos and José Martínez. These are some of Indigo’s most unique and special wines, and some are only made in tiny quantities, so grab them while you can!

Organic farming.

Vegan friendly.

13% / 75cl