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Chablis Faucertaine is a white wine with a mineral intensity on the nose (very typical of the region) and some citrus aromas. Fresh, elegant and complex attack with controlled ripeness and texture cloaked in minerals and racy freshness. Very interesting and long finish.

Domaine Goisot should be kwown as a fine Chablis estate, but history has not been particularly kind to the region, as Saint Bris was removed from the Chablis appellation after phylloxera paralyzed the area in the late nineteenth century. Prior to this, Saint Bris was part of Chablis, which seems quite logical, given that it shares the same base of profound Kimmeridgian limestone and the same northerly climate as its neighbor a few kilometers to the east. But now Saint Bris is officially a sub-region of the Côte d’Auxerre, which is only officially entitled to Bourgogne status.

Guilhem and and father Jean-Hugues Goisot, like all top vignerons in France, recognize that great wine comes from great viticulture, and they work tirelessly in the vines to ensure that their parcels are as well care for as possible. Their viticulture is certified biodynamic, with great pains taken to produce as natural an environment for the vines, and a particular goal of stimulating the natural defenses of the vines against disease and depredation.

12.5% / 75cl