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Nectar shows an intense ebony colour. The nose has rich aromas of raisins, figs and dates accompanied by honey, syrup and fruit preserve. On the palate it is velvety and smooth with good acidity which alleviates the sweetness.

Serve slightly chilled in a small wine glass and pair with chocolate desserts, fruit cake, or por over ice cream.

The Pedro Ximenez grapes are harvested late and then laid out on esparto mats in the vineyard for up to two weeks to dry out and raisin in the sun. During this time the grape loses about 40% of its volume due to evaporation of water which causes concentration of sugars.

The raisined grapes then undergo a strong press to extract the remaining juice. The must then begins to ferment although stops at around 7% alcohol due to sugar stress. At this time the wine is fortified to 15% alcohol and then enters into the Nectar solera. The wine remains in cask for an average of 8 years following the traditional Solera system.

15% /  75cl