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A super perfumed orange wine from the heart of the Maule Valley, Chile.

Made from a blend of Torontel, Moscatel & País grapes, the fruit is macerated with skins for 60 days in the traditional style of this region. Despite its relatively long skin-contact, this wine is soft on tannin & texture.

It is full of flavours of stone fruit, apricot yoghurt & peach blossom.

Winemaking is as traditional as it gets: fermentation in cement, ageing in old oak or clay amphorae, no fining nor filtration, and no additions of any type, including sulphites.

This wine is the very aromatic end of the spectrum & would be an absolutely perfect accompaniment to any spicy food.


The Maule region of Chile, similarly to Itata, has a very different feel to the winegrowing regions of the Central Valley. Here, old vines (200+ years old) planted on their own rootstocks abound. Being relatively close to the Pacific Ocean, the climate is influenced by its proximity, having a tempering and cooling effect on the vineyards. González Bastías is the name of their town on the river Maule as well as the name chosen by José Luis Gómez Bastías and his wife Daniela Lorenzo Bürger to name their project. They farm, following biodynamic methods, 4 hectares of vineyards planted in the 1800s by José Luis’ family. Being close to the river, the soils are sedimentary over a granite bedrock and the main varieties they work with are País (aka Listán Prieto in Spain, Criolla in Argentina and Misión in California), Moscatel and Torrontel. The grapes are manually destemmed using a zaranda, an artifact still used by artisan winemakers in the Chilean southern regions.

Biodynamic farming

Natural winemaking

No added sulphites

12% / 75cl