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Giandon is an orange wine from Il Farneto in Emilia Romagna.

It is intensely colored, fragrant natural orange wine which is made from 100% Malvasia di Candia which rests for 15 days on skins making for a hyper-aromatic wine loaded with candied orange, peach, lavender flower & a little spice of ginger.

In the 90s the Agricola Farneto project took shape, a property of 35 hectares of which 8 are planted with vines on the hills between Canossa and Scandiano, on the Farneto plateau, Reggio inland behind the Tuscan- Emilian Apennines. An alternation of woods and gullies on silty, sandy and clayey soils. An isolated and untouched land with fertile and extremely lively soils, great ventilation (250m above sea level) and excellent exposure to light.

A true triumph of nature. Thanks to their elevation they preserve a particularly isolated position. In addition, the territory presents a wide variety of biodiversity thanks to its favourable micro climate temperatures.

The intent was to contribute to sustainable agriculture initiatives, producing grapes while respecting the environment.

The company was immediately managed following organic principles, soon obtaining certification; today in the vineyard biodynamics are also followed. In the cellar, Marco is assisted by Tommaso Turci, who skilfully produces wines linked to the territory and tradition: Spergola, Sauvignon Blanc and Lambrusco from old vines of different varieties. Strictly spontaneous fermentations and re-fermentations in the bottle without any intervention at all. Each bottle closed behind the crown cap is the story of a grape in a specific vintage and cultivated in a unique land, tracing a spontaneous and non-reproducible path, different every year. This is the meaning of viticulture and winemaking according to nature: to be surprised by its course, always unexpected and exciting and at the same time so far from a mechanical and precise approach.

The goal is to produce wines that are an expression of the land and that are distinguished by their characteristics.