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A Loire valley blend of predominantly Orbois (also known as Menu Pineau) with a little Romorantin. A rich savoury white with a serious side to it. 

Picture-led, wordless labels have become somewhat of a trend in recent years, and why not? We often absorb a “feeling” much more easily from a picture than from a string of words, and in the case of this bottle, we can feel the emotional heritage of Julien’s wife Heidi, in her intricate Maori drawings. From butterflies to dragonflies, tigers to elephants, Heidi’s drawings root these wines in the beauty of the natural world.

Julien Courtois and Heidi Kuka created a 4.5 h vineyard located in the heart of the Sologne. They both cultivate seven varieties of grapes. Julien is a natural and non-interventionist winemaker like his father Claude. Everything is done manually from start to finish. As a result, his wines are unique, rich and with singular taste.

13.5% / 75cl