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Our top Wine Pack from our focus on the region of Jura. 

This pack features 4 white wines from 4 of our favourite producers, across 4 vintages. In it you will find 2 Savagnin and 2 Chardonnay. It is designed for those who wish to explore and enjoy these exceptional, saline and weighty wines, either in a tasting group of with a dinner event. These are wines to discuss and to be paired with food. 

First we have the saline delight of the 2018 Domaine de la Tournelle Chardonnay “Corvees Sous Curon”, the excellent 2019 vintage Domaine Labet “Les Bardette” Chardonnay, the sublime 2020 Les Dolomies “Premice” Savagnin and lastly we have the exciting young winemaker Amelie Guillot with her 2021 Chardonnay from Arbois. 

An exciting deep dive into the region, just add Comte and enjoy!