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Domaine Les Bruyères began life in 1955, run then by Georges Reynaud, who planted 20 hectares of vines in Beaumont-Monteux, on a gentle slope by the banks of the Isère River in Northern Rhone. Before 2002, grapes grown at Domaine Les Bruyères had only one destination: the local co-operative winery.

It was only after his grandson, David Reynaud, took over the domain that things changed quickly. He was 28 at the time & had constructed a new winemaking facility with the purpose of creating incredible wines made without the artificiality introduced so heavily in conventional winemaking. A new organic regime was introduced in 2003 & by 2005 the estate was certified biodynamic.

The domaine today spans 20 hectares & its wines are world famous. David is considered one of the top winemakers in the region despite a comparitively short period at the helm. His minimal intervention approach to winemaking producing lighter more fruit forward wines with aromatics is what sets them apart. This Crozes Hermitage cuvee is named ‘Georges’ for his grandfather.

It pours a beautiful shiny dark colour, the nose is quite closed until it has been open a little so this demands decanting & air to really let the aromatics sing. The bouquet is large, has an oxtail umami depth, a deeply set aroma of raspberry liqueur, a hint of violets in back.

The palate gives fleshy black fruit, is juicy & peppery with a wonderful concentration. Enjoy this over an entire evening as it just keeps getting better.

Certified organic vineyards

Biodynamic farming

Vegan friendly

2020 Vintage

750ml / 13.5%